4Endangered is a specialty shop creating original, hand-painted, hand-dyed, and graphic design, backpacks, bags, and apparel.


    I'm BC, Owner/Artist at 4Endangered. I've been painting and creating art since middle school and at an early age, discovered I had a love and passion for animals. At the end of high school I began painting with the airbrush and using it as a way to express the beauty of the animals that I love. Moving to Florida shortly after high school, I got a job working at Busch Gardens as an airbrush artist painting life sized animal portraits on t shirts. This experience has helped shape what 4Endangered is today.


    Having over twenty years of experience airbrushing and devoting a part of my life in sustaining the beauty and vulnerability of Endangered animals as well as the environmental issues they face, 4Endangered was born.

    4Endangered has evolved into supporting a cause for Endangered animals, offering our signature wildlife and nature designs as an expression of hope and compassion for these beautiful animals. Each animal in our animal bags collection is thoughtfully painted with great attention to detail and capturing the inherent beauty of these amazing animals.

    Our plans are to be able to help and support various wildlife sanctuaries and organizations working towards preservation. We are working hard to make our passions work towards a higher cause and to offer our talents to you as gifts of inspiration.

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Thank you for stopping by the shop we really appreciate it and hope you enjoy!

   BC ~4Endangered